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TradeStation Programmer

Looking for an experienced TradeStation Programmer? Our team includes quants, traders and programmers. We share a combined 40 years trading experience and 16 years of Easy Language programming experience. We have and continue to use Trade Station EVERY DAY in our trading.

TradeStation Programming Services Offered:

  • Custom Development - We can custom develop your program from scratch utilizing the platform of your choice.
  • Work With Existing Code - Take your existing code and have it modified, debugged, translated to another language or optimized for maximum speed.
  • Formalize Strategy Rules - You have a general idea of the strategy you'd like to implement and want assistance formalizing the rules to write a synopsis for development.

As a TradeStation Programmer, our experience includes statistical arbitrage, scalping and daytrading strategies, futures, forex, equities, multiple time frame analysis, communicating to 3rd party API's such as Patsystems, working with Global Variable, and much more.

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